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1. A joyful exclamation made when playing WOW, Unreal Tournament, or any FPS (first person shooter) game where opponents explode in a glory of flying, bloody chunks.

2. A general explicative.

3. Exclamation of excitement over a carnivorous feast, primarily food that has meat of an indistinguishable origin.
(after a lot of double-teaming on an alien monster that explodes in a cloud of smoke, metal and splattered alien flesh)
SWEET MEAT CHUNKS! That was a tough one. We'd better of leveled up after that battle.

SWEET MEAT CHUNKS! That asshole in the silver Mercedes almost killed me. My shoulder is all tore up.

SWEET MEAT CHUNKS! Pass me that dish with the broccoli and whatever that is. I'm starving!
by amanda boekelheide January 10, 2009

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