A sweet boy is one who is not rude, enjoys life, and really is a good person to be around with.
Alex and Friends hang out and his friends consider him to be a sweet boy because he really is fun to be around.
by SergeySe April 19, 2007
Top Definition
A sweet boy, is basically boy that listens to r'n'b, looks fresh on the level, ain't rude, likes 2 sing to his gyal n dat
And a type of r n b music by young male singers
1. Yo (excuse me miss) is such a sweet boy choon
2. Nah man he is such a sweet boy
by sweetndpink July 12, 2006
A man who exhibits homosexual/feminine characteristics, or is just a pussy in general. Taken from the urban slang for the word sweet.
"You wanna be a nigger, sweet boy? We gonna treat you like one." -Nazi dude from American History X
by Smoke Cracker September 13, 2007
noun. A word created by the devil, will santoz to make fun of my ass.
Oh yea will santoz you are a true prick.

and you wish i call you sweetboy becuase i call you FUCKBOY!
by bob February 12, 2005
If you are dating a guy, and your father calls him a 'sweet boy' it usually means he is wearing a tight argyle sweater, has -12 perscription glasses, and invents algebraic theorums.

After Ignatious Rattenberg finnished tutoring me in Advanced Calculus, my dad asked me why i wasn't dating a sweet boy like Iggy.

by Kleo December 31, 2005
An ogreous chinese boy whom Bubba, the sperm-filled big-schlonged black man likes to rape when he least expects it.
Bubba's number one sweet boy is Josh Chong, a sophomore at Granada Hills High School.
by wille0n April 25, 2004
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