N. slang

A female you would want to sleep with, who is clearly underage. You wouldn't DO it, but you'd like to.
"Dude, check out the sweet action at 9 o'clock."
by wonderchicken July 31, 2009
1:when the action of a firearm is clean

2:a reply to good news

3:good sex on a onenight stands
A:the Colt 1911 has sweet action

B:Roxanne- The UPS dude just droped off your engine parts

C:"Dude Jena, the chick from last night with the nipple ring....sweet action"
by M.Fate November 03, 2006
A porn mag for girls!
Damn, that guy is gorgeous. I hope I see him in Sweet Action.
by Bitch_in_a_white_dress July 25, 2007
Selling broken toys for far far more than they are worth. See also dual 1.42 GHz
That was some sweet action when those chumps laid down 41 bucks for those assorted GI Joe feet and hands.
by tyson January 28, 2003
1.) Sex with asian chicks. See also chrigu.

2.) Sex with all other types of chicks.
Momoko spent the night last night....sweet action!

Amber spent the night last night.....sweet action!
by John Cocktoastin January 28, 2003
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