1: To get the best of
2: To deliver constant brutal blows in combat
1: I got the sweeps in that one didn't I?
2: With constant sweeps, Chris won the fight
by The Sweeper July 05, 2003
a shitty soloing technique where the only talent you need is speed. nobody gives a shit that you can play arpeggios fast. real talent would be making a selection of that arpeggio and play it in a certain order not up and down it. used in metal alot because metal is a shitty excuse for music where the only chords you need to know is D,E,F and G and be able to do sweeps. you need to musical knowledge whatsoever except the arpeggios. used in conforming metal bands or shitty metal bands unlike incredibly bands such as Tool. One could easily find technical intriguing and interesting music in basically any other genre but metal is the 2nd most conforming type of music besides pop/alternative.
fag metal kid: check my out im playing sweeps! fuck you music i will repeat arpeggios over and over and pretend like i have talent
me:well thats awesome know will you play those in 11/8 time and actually play outside your chord and explore your fretboard in a different way than arpeggios thankyou.
by path of mankind August 08, 2006
Another word for sweet.
That last game was really sweep.
by BigMan - With a Boner August 23, 2003

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