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a small feeble old man who is always right, most of the time has thick classes and wears pants way to high. Yoda in human form.Also mkaes obseen gestures and jokes that no one gets
look at that sweeney over there, what a joke.
by JBRICK October 10, 2007
A God like specimen of man, built solely to satisfy women.
The Sweeney - a charming classy sofisticated gentleman, who has the ability to take those he meets to paradise.

A friend to every man and or woman, on Gods green earth.

"Call Sweeney, He'll Go Out!"
by svajs September 26, 2006
the best damn guy in the world
(name), he's the Sweeney
by Joe Sweeney June 03, 2005
When the length and girth of someones penis is larger then the average male penis by a country mile.
A man walks into a steamroom and looks to his friend and exclaims, "dammit man you got a Sweeney hanging there".
by The Creator 724 July 16, 2012
refers to the name of a specific underground Tampa celebrity known for crazy stunts, being intoxicated, and ridiculous behavior.
I saw Sweeney eating at Charlie's Steak House drinking Louis XXI with ballers.
by 813Underground December 21, 2010
key word for swag of a hustler
i got SwEEneY off the scale!!
by Kodiii April 08, 2011
The many arts of being Sweenyed (Depending on situation)
To be Sweeney'd: To have ones food consumed without their knowledge with them returning to the mass disappointment of their food having been consumed.

To Sweeney another: To consume ones food without their knowledge with them returning to the mass disappointment of their food having been consumed.

Dude you just got Sweeney'd: To witness another finding their food has been consumed and making them aware of what has just previously transpired.

Sweeneying: To be consuming another's food without their knowledge.
by thesweeneyed January 08, 2011
Noun: a free trip obtained by music journalists, usually paid for by a record company, artist's management or event promoter.

Verb: the act of obtaining the above.
"I had this great sweeney to Italy, the label paid airfares, hotel and everything."

"I sweeneyed a great trip to Italy."

Used by World Music journalists in the UK for at least a decade. Named after a UK journalist of that surname who is/was remarkably adept at this skill.
by Ian Anderson December 11, 2007