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To cover someone in your juices!
Just be quiet Emma and except the MANSPLASH!
by smig_as July 04, 2011
Someone who is an absolute stain and pisses everyone off he or she meets.
"Oi Mol, Seen that guy at the bar in that rhinstone t-shirt sipping his stella!"

"Yeah Smig what about him?!"

"He's a Massive Wool!"
by smig_as December 20, 2011
A colllection/brotherhood of four of the coolest bastards in the world. Everyone wants to be in the Power 4 especially Afra!
"Are you going to that party on Friday Jenna?"

"Dunno? Are the Power 4 gonna be there?"

"Yeah, think so"

"Then hells yeah!"
by smig_as January 11, 2012
A moment or occassion of absolute awesomeness that a random word is needed to express your joy. Another Power 4 word left behind for others to continue their legacy
Hey look i've found a turkey behind the couch

Swedge!! Free food!!!

Oh my go theres booze here too!!

No way your Swedgeness Personified!
by smig_as November 29, 2010

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