Dude, I s.w.e.d.! Do you?
by Corrine S.W.E.D March 14, 2007
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From the phrase "Smoke Weed EveryDay" found in the song "the next episode" by dr. dre and nate dogg
"we always swed. "

"swed for life."
by joeeeeeee January 22, 2006
When an object, style, other is so outrageous and outgoing that it becomes cool.
#1..Toby: hey man, have you seen Duncan's Ankle watch?

Tom: yeah bro it's serious swed

#2.. Toby: Mate, have you seen macklemore's swed

Donald: I know right those fur coats tho
by itsTobiasBitch January 21, 2014
Abbreviation for smoke weed every day
Jimmy can s.w.e.d.
by lyssaaaa September 16, 2008
The act of smoking marijuana everyday. However this is most often misused by fake stoners believing they're cool because they smoke weed.
Blake: S.W.E.D because I'm a gangsta
Tyrone: Nigga shut up your 13 and cried when you got a j-walking ticket
by Swagmasta420blazeit January 12, 2015
So What Even Dream
you only live 0nce * So What Ever Dream.
by 2STEP September 11, 2012
Swed is slang for Cider, especially White Cider and comes in Tommy1 (1 litre) Tommy 2 (2 litre) or Tommy 3 (3 litre) bottles.
You Gonna Get A Tommy 3 Of Swed In Tonight?
by Matt Brooks April 18, 2006

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