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The act of swerving and weaving at the same time. Usually involves cutting other people off in the process.
Common dude, we're in a hurry! If you sweave, you can make the light.
by disc golfer September 15, 2006
When something is either amazing or awesome/ someone looks great at a certain moment, the person or the event is sweave.
Me- dude did you see her outfit today?
Him- yeah she's sweave.
Me- did you go to the concert?
Her-yes I did it was sweave!
by Randalthormin May 24, 2014
a person's sweet weave (fake hair). Sweave, is generally used by admiring black girls after a peer, aquaintance, or friend gets their hair redone with a new weave.
Guurrrllll, where'd you get your sweave done?
by putmeincoachb March 26, 2010
Sweave describes a maneuver that is a combination of a weave and a swerve. Since a weave is a controlled maneuver and a swerve is usually uncontrolled; the word sweave is used to describe a controlled swerve.

Plural: Sweaving
Past Tense: Sweaved
Jason sweaved to avoid hitting the man in the crosswalk.
by pranabiker March 19, 2007
a falling swerve in a downward motion
when sammi pulled the branch; ticks sweaved all over daniela's head.
by coolioyo May 14, 2005
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