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Large breasts.
God damn, her sweater meat is flying everywhere since she stopped wearing bras.
by Samus October 30, 2003
223 96
The breasts, especially spectacular breasts.
Check out the sweatermeat on the new chick behind the counter! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!
by Dagrolord September 18, 2005
394 19
Term used to describe the female breasts under a form fitting sweater, preferably a tight turtleneck made of cashmere or merino wool.
Did you see Keri today? She's prancing around the office showing real nice sweater meat in a tight red turtleneck.
by Cab Callaway January 27, 2006
350 93
Dude, check out the sweater meat on this fucking slut!
by Homer Simpson June 15, 2003
141 82
Large, mouthwatering breasts
I think, tonight, I should like to sample the sweater meats.

No, Danny's girlfriend is over there. The one with the sweater meats.
by Tyrathect May 08, 2006
26 12
large nice shapped tits, that are soft to the touch. built for speed and comfort.
Wow John look at that womans sweater meat!

tits, funbags, bazungas, boobs, knockers, cans, chassis, honkers,
by deeez nuttzzzz October 07, 2006
41 50
Humongous fuckin titties.
dseeamn that bitch gots some nice sweater meat!
by chichi February 06, 2003
42 61