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usually found in trailer parks throughout the nation. A hairy,stupid, bulky "female".
man, she be one smelly sweat hog.
by Holly Wood September 28, 2003
1. a member of the class taught by Mr. Kotter on the 1970's TV show "Welcome Back Kotter" which starred a soon-to-be-famous John Travolta as "Barbarino"
We're just a bunch'a sweat-hogs teach'
by C_zar January 23, 2005
An ugly female, who is sweaty, hairy, looks like she has been jogging behind a gritter and has a moustache. The only chance she has of getting sex is when the guys are too drunk to notice (10 pints+) or if she begs to appear free in a porno as the one who has to lick the cock as it is going in and out of the cunt.
"How could you tackle an inner-city sweat hog like that? She's disgusting."
by Intl Man of Mystery October 29, 2003
An underworked but overpaid union laborer. Usually known to spend his/her entire paycheck on unnecessary recreational toys such as jet skis, ATV's, and fifth wheel trailers. Typically works 16-32 hours of overtime every week to barely maintain monthly payments for the previous examples. Lives paycheck to paycheck and never has more than $100 in his/her savings account.
Billy that UAW sweathog just bought a fifth jet ski even though his kids have no food to eat.
by Dick Rubbins June 17, 2013
A very large, unattractive, sweaty, pimply, hairy women that only hammered men, trailer trash, niggers (not african-americans), and spiks (not mexicans) sleep with.
Guy 1: Dude, are you seriously gonna sleep with that sweathog.
Guy 2: It's okay, im both a spik and shitfaced.
by dylan w March 20, 2008
Rosie O`Donnell !!!!
Dam,Sam that lesbian Rosie,gets uglier and fatter every year,she/he is a real sweathog.
by Ollie Cromwell December 10, 2003
Cincinnati reds nickname. Created by sportcasters to describe the angry, child-like behavior of Reds fans at a game when stealing a ball from a young fan.
I cant believe that guy hijacked that baseball away from a kid and is keeping it. What a Sweat Hog!
by Who Dey'ed August 11, 2010
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