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1. a member of the class taught by Mr. Kotter on the 1970's TV show "Welcome Back Kotter" which starred a soon-to-be-famous John Travolta as "Barbarino"
We're just a bunch'a sweat-hogs teach'
by C_zar January 23, 2005
1. noun: A coniving person consumed with self-interest and completely lacking in morality or any other redeeming qualities, exemplified by an abuse of power or act of subversion.

2. verb: to act in a manner reminiscent of the character "Carter Burke" played by Paul Reiser in the classic sci-fi action movie "Aliens" released in 1986. Also "berked"

synonyms: snake, waste of space, piece of shit, spineless, sub-human, parasite.
My boss is such a burke; he's taking all the credit for my idea and threatening to transfer me if I breathe a word of it!

That little punk burked us out to the feds for a lighter sentence!
by C_zar January 23, 2005

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