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The act, process, or result of altering or modifying (either by injecting or affixing) profane language into general vocabulary in order to express and emphasize one's anger, surprise, exhilaration, or any other emotion.
instances of swearatility below include the usage of "regoddamndiculous," "absofrickinlutely," and "monotone-ass":

Sydney: "That's regoddamndiculous. Why can't she just make the macaroni salad herself!?"

Isaiah: "Nice shoes."
Heather: "Absofrickinlutely!"

Izzy: "Where's my pillow? I need to get to class now."
Airon: "Explain."
Izzy: "My professor's monotone-ass voice puts me right to sleep."
by Kevin_K May 18, 2006

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