Acronym for Skinny White Boy Syndrome, a common ailment among skinny white boys preventing them from ever getting tan or building muscle. Can be cured with a trail vaccine or by gaining a beer gut and a rash.
He's got SWBS bad; whenever he takes off his shirt, we're blinded unless he turns sideways.
by Soo-Donym November 02, 2013
Top Definition
meaning 'Skinny White Bitch' is an adjective pronounced (swub). This is a girl, while skinny and white, to be found particularly unattractive to the general male populace. (see also butterface) They are notably mousy. However, one male member in a group of friends without fail, proceeds to date several of these girls and find them interesting, despise their major lack of personality and looks. This term is often used behind the back of (and at times to the face of) the friend who is dating the swb. May also be used in as an adverb: swb-ly or (swubly).
Friend 1: Did you see his new chick?
Friend 2: Oh yea. There he goes again! What a swb!
Friend 1: Yea, she was hella swb-ly.
by JCizle December 04, 2007
Star Wars Boner

To be so excited for Star Wars that you are physically aroused.
Dude I have a major SWB going on right now.
by B-Boss October 13, 2011
Skinny white booty, because there ARE a few skinny white girls with booties.
These jeans make my S.W.B. look hawtttt.
by Beatriz Oriana October 14, 2006
Skinny White Boys
SWB's have no butt. It is too slim to hold up pants worn below the waist but belted in the middle of the butt.

SWB's ass is not the correct shape needed to hold up their jeans and show their boxers at the same time.

My pants kept falling down when I try to look like Lil Wayne or any rapper these days. I do not know how they keep their pants from falling down.

I finally did ask someone how to get your pants to hold on to your azz and still show your boxers. Its a secret....One SWB's need.
by DoomDoomRacer June 16, 2011
Short wheel base

Usually used for 4 wheel drives (4wd)
"Hey have you seen my car it's a SWB"
"What kind?"
"Nissan patrol"
by DeeZnuts August 09, 2015
Skinny White Boy.

A typical skinny white boy. Except he probably has a lot of swag, steez, and most likely better than your average white boy.
That SWB has a lot of swag in that raw denim.
by binarylove March 30, 2011

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