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a fit bird. coined by the indie scene in reading, tafffffy.

if she is amaaaazing, she is an ultimate swayzie
'oi, kyle, patrick, check out that swayzie!'

'jack, wellsy, that piece is an ultimate swayzie'
by Christopherrr April 29, 2007
31 13
Named after the actor, Patrick. A swayzie is a hamburger made with special "roadhouse" brand patties. (hence swayzie) It is then topped with familiar burger toppings. The bun is not a usual hamburg bun, it is a hamburg roll only found in prestigious grocery stores. Also known as, Swazie with cheese. Invented in Gravenhurst ON, Canada.
"wanna cook up some swayzie's with cheese on the swayzie express"

"pass me a swayzie kicker banger pop, with cheese, player."

"these swayzie's with cheese are money"
by Rory Tufford June 07, 2007
6 23