sweat gathers in the buttcrack on a hot summer day, thus resulting in Swass (sweaty + ass)
I can't wait for the seventh inning stretch, I've got a major case of swass ...
by chappy poopy pants June 21, 2005
When a girl with a nice ass walks in that special way... swaying back and forth its mezmorizing... Then add a little sass to the equasion and you have SWASS.
Damn I can't get that girls swass out of my head.
by Michael Perry May 18, 2005
adjective. meaning as cool as STD when she lived in Indiana...oh wait, that hoe was never cool..ok then, as cool as Labret and Lanret
Hey hey, yah swass labret!
by Wildrose January 16, 2003
Sweaty ass. To perspire or become moist in anal crevice, including taint and balls.
Your swass is dripping from your pants.

When was the last time you wiped your swass?
by D-NASTY February 07, 2006
Sweaty Ass. This is an uncomfortable condition which is caused by exersice. This is often embarassing if you are wearing shorts since the condition is visible. This term was orginated in 1998 in the Marquette Wrestling room.
That girl working out on the stairmaster has the worst case of swass.
by Diamond D September 06, 2005
a sweaty ass, usually found on a fat person.
wow that chick gets a swass from walking up the stairs!
by ryan March 09, 2005
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