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German, Yiddish translation of the English word "Black".

Can be used by Jews as a tongue-in-cheek term for "NIGGER".
These Swartza Jazz musicians are better than the White ones.

Swartz cafe mit kreme !
Black Coffee with cream.
by Jonathan Norman April 26, 2004
Yiddish word that means black. So it's the color of a black crayon. Also used for black people. It's not derogatory.

A person who claims it is a secret way to say nigger is incorrect & using the usual anti-Jewish libel that Jews "do rotten things in secret to trick us."
Swartza is not used much by American Jews, since most don't use yiddish when the word black or African American would do just as well -- if not better by not standing out or sounding so pointed or unusual.
by curls September 16, 2012
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