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swamp juice is a beverage consisting of orange juice, coke, and vodka. it tastes amazing, and was founded in new york. though it was founded in new york, many people in compton and la drink swamp juice, its the best drink ever.
Me: "Wanna sip of my swamp juice?"
Someone else: "Hell yes!"
by .. .. ... .. March 25, 2008

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A military term for home-brew piss. Many Royal Marines are instructed to take a sip of their swampjuice in the mornings in order to determine their waterlevels.
"James ate a shitload of asparagus last night and his swampjuice went toxic. When he treated the lads to a little taste-test this morning, four of them ended up in sick bay."
by Roofus Wainwright May 26, 2007