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Describing yourself as being overworked when in reality you do not want to be given more work.
I can't take this new project becuase I am swamped.
by CrazyJoe January 28, 2006
242 49
To soil or piss oneself
1. Dan was so drunk he swamped himself

2. Just swamped me sen!
by Adam Windle April 08, 2008
112 44
When Shrek smokes you out, after which you are trapped hanging out with him for the rest of the day putting up with his shitty driving, and listening to his shitty music.
"Yeah Shrek smoked me out the other day, but I ended up swamped afterwards. His weed sucked too."
by Dick Berman October 29, 2013
9 2
When you're fucking a girl, pull out, and cum in her belly button, creating a creamy swamp of jizz.
Last night I pulled out and swamped a girl it was hilarious.
by AZDOUBLEE November 02, 2011
24 45
the act of borrowing golf carts to drive around on teh golf course at night.
man we swamped good last night
by steven February 13, 2003
11 101