When your testicles stick to the side of your leg because it is so humid outside.
I got swamp but like a motherfucker!
by Steve March 01, 2005
Top Definition
1. the seaty feeling on one's scrotum after a hot day, or a long time without a shower.
2. nuts that are very sweaty ( preferably gluey old sweat)
i need to shower - i've got swamp nuts.
by minghi September 27, 2003
The condition associated with posessing a really sweaty ballsack.
As if the vinyl seat and the lie detector hooked to my arm weren't cause enough for swampnuts, the detective also closed all the windows and brought in a space heater.
by Spitty in the City June 20, 2008
When a person (male) reframes from showering for a long period of time and starts to develop a unbearable smell around their nut sack. On rare occasions stinging around the balls may also occur
Lindsey was about to give Chris some dome until she smelled his swamp nuts.
by Charliebrown909 April 06, 2015
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