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an overweight fatass woman with no sexual appeal at all!!!
Anna Nicole was hot, now she's a swampmoose
by Jason Goad December 22, 2003
The chick you never want to meet in a dark alley. Ugly. DAMN ugly.
That broad is a Dundalk swamp moose.
by Stoney in Baltimore February 13, 2004
Any girl that lives in Dundalk, usually lacking a full set of teeth.
That chick is a crack smokin Swamp Moose
by Star the dundalk hater May 19, 2004
noun. A large land animal found in the swamps. They are three times bigger than a regular moose and have the largest genitals of all land animals. (for you innernaut)
That guy is hung like a swamp moose!
by Evilstraps September 20, 2006
A really fat Girl
A definition used in my school
That fat chick is a swamp moose
by Izzy March 27, 2005