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a painfull dump that feels like you're crapping out logs
Jake: so wat did u get at taco bell?
Nick: the spicy beef burrito
Jake: bro, you're gonna get some serious swamp loggers
by hanglestein July 10, 2010
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the act of tucking one's penis between their sweaty ass checks then smacking a bitch in the face with it
Dude, it was such a hott night and she was such a whore...I couldn't help but giver her a swamp logger!
by vengence74 May 22, 2010
1.) One who takes part in homosexual activity


2.) A cop that is on the other side of the highway and is nothing to worry about
John is going to the gay bar to try and find a swamp logger to go home with tonight.


There is a cop up there, but he is a swamp logger so don't worry about it.
by Charlie Manuel July 12, 2009
Male slamhog
That guy is such a swamp logger he probably has sixteen STD's!
by micklb June 28, 2009

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