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A fat chick that that you would be willing to sleep with if you drank enough.

Alternate Pronuciations: Swamp Donc
"hey Danny, check out the swamp donc's headed this way! more "cushion for the pushin!"
by Joey Vickers November 06, 2002
4 7
The baddest assed Honda fourwheeler in South Florida. It eats Polaris's for breakfeast and shits out Yamaha's. Don't try the Swamp Donkey unless you wanna get showed up.
Dude I think I just saw the Swamp Donkey. That things a beast in the mud.
by HondaSwampDonkey October 11, 2010
1 5
A sexy bitch, usually named Ariel, that likes to make her promiscuity known to men...
Ariel gave him a blow job at the bar before she got kicked out. She's such a swamp donkey.
by Ditch Pig February 09, 2010
1 5
A large girl or slut who likes to cause a lot of drama! She lurks into the scene with taking advantage of unwilling men!
A Swamp Donkey is a Cheerleader who takes advantage of an unwilling coach who manipulates him while he is drunk and then wont go away!
by Hamp-Mike-P, and C-3 February 02, 2010
1 5
A hideous looking woman
D'Qwell: Damn, that bitch is ugly.

Jermichael: What a swamp donkey!
by December 25, 2009
2 6
A flea infested wench usually found in the gutters of cities. Often found feasting on the bowel movements of south African children.

Since they have no purpose to live, they are usually hunted by a group known as the Wolf-Pack.
"There goes a Swamp Donkey! Should we shoot it, or kick it?"
by Slashback October 09, 2009
0 4
a teenage girl who has sex with anything that has legs and a heart-beat. some may find her attractive. but when they see all the symptoms of her nasty STIs she's got down there they run... FAST - watch out buddddd!
WOW! Denise is such a swamp donkey!!!
by :)missy!!!<3 February 16, 2009
2 6