Verb; to arrive a little later than the majority, particularly in the context of the office.
She swalshed in with her cup of Peet's at 9:45.

Nice to see you swalshing in today. We thought you were working from home.

by Swalsh December 23, 2005

1. The act of intoxicating oneself with alcohol to the point where one must take many photographs to have any recollection of the night. Usually performed by females.
"Girl let's swalsh at the bar. I want to have some sort of memorabilia of the night we're about to have."

"Down. Let's make sure we look sexy as hell because I know every picture is going to be uploaded online"
by smcleod August 19, 2011
A random and unplanned outbreak of dancing . Could also be used for large groups of people .
Seth : "Dude , I feel this strange desire to dance . "
Nicole : " Just swalsh your heart out bro , just swalsh it out . "
by buff hamburgers November 13, 2010

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