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swag-sexuality is unlike any other, its basicaly the same thing as being straight but you have swag. In being a swagsexual you have amazing hair, good looks and rep the most freshest clothes. Being a swagsexual is hard work, because girls are always after you. It is not the samething as a metrosexual because metrosexuals dont have swag and dont rep the style and swang that swagsexuals have. If you have skinny jeans, swagolicous shirts, and the freshest shoes you are a swagsexual and get so many girls.
If your name are any of these you proly have swag off the back and are a swagsexual---
-Pete, Pedro, Pietro, peter
- ect.. too many too name but these are the basic ones.
by swagcity January 20, 2011
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Swagsexuality is basically the defiance of any rules and the rejection of what people think of you. Being swagsexual has nothing to do with the term "swag" and was actually coined by @JoshDMayo in Mid/Late-2012 to make fun of the word. To be swagsexual gives up all of your rights as a "popular" person, and invokes your rights as level with the majority of people. If you are swagsexual however, it doesn't mean your average. It means you don't give a fuck what you are. It can also be used to describe how sexual a person is. Being swagsexual means you attract both the opposite and same sex in an indescribable way.
It can be used as a noun, adjective, or adverb.

He is swasexual.
He has swagsexuality.
He is being swagsexul.
"You're looking very swagsexual today."
by Swagsexual November 25, 2013

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