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walking with meaning
im walkin with swaggin!
by mr swagga June 01, 2009
54 52
To do something with swag or style.
Nick was swaggin at the party last night when he was dancing with Linda.
by Jay321 October 17, 2008
119 34
Blazing With Niggas and Chillen With bitches.

Was gud?

Nothing just Swaggin
by Swag309- twitter hmu June 02, 2011
48 33
To walk with or have swagger in one's possession
Yeah, that dude's swaggin'.
by bigtimeboner6 October 30, 2011
1 1
to act in a cool, flashy manner, or another word for having hella fun
Yo you seen me at dat party last night nigga? I was swaggin my black ass off son
by sirrswagg December 05, 2008
59 60
The act of getting drunk or heavily drinking.
Yo what up?

not much you?

not much, just swaggin n shat.
by MMMMTTTTT July 06, 2010
46 48
1. The act of having fun.
2. Enduring of sexual experiences.
3. Chillin with some niggs.
Damn, im swaggin hella hard.

Last night me and Kelli were swaggin hellaz.

Im swaggin.
by Donald Genome June 24, 2009
15 36