(southern california)
A low-income mexican high schooler who dresses in "expensive" clothes, goes to a lot of parties that usually get rolled, and is 100% self centered, and obsessed with his clothes.

They have every color vans and are known to always match them with their shirt, hat, or bandana.

Swaggers usually buy their cothes at:
70% Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls,
20% Gen-X
10% the el camino real mall

brands they use are: ecko, polo, south pole, lacoste, vans, genx plain tees, genx $10 dollar pants, etc....etc....

They type: "liik3 tHiiS" and their myspace is always looking "fReShhh, mostly covered by words like: got swag?, swagger, zwagger, etc.

These kids, deep inside, are just looking for attention, so next time you see one, think twice before talking shit behind his back about how gay he looks wearing purple vans and a neon green shirt.

swagger: whats up nigga? check out maahh new ecko tee yo!"

normal kid: cool, my cousin got that one for 3.99 off the clearance rack at Ross last week

swagger: shittt son i gots diiss tee at against all odss yo!
----swagger (thinking): damn! how did he know!!!!???

normal kid: okay, sure, whatever you say.....ohh by the way, theres a stain on your all white vans

swagger: shit sonn aahhhh!!!!!!!!

---he starts crying and runs to the 3000's building bathroom to clean it off and spends 5 minutes looking at himself in the mirror''
by carlsbad_is_boring September 14, 2008
Top Definition
How one presents him or her self to the world. Swagger is shown from how the person handles a situation. It can also be shown in the person's walk.
Ryan: "Denzel Washington has swagger in all his movie rolls"
Phil: "You can't forget about Al Pacino! He had swagger all over in Scarface!!!"
by Ryan Jackson February 19, 2005
A person's style- they way they walk, talk, dress.
I'm loving his swagger!
by Marsha Gabrielle December 05, 2006
Swagger is to to move with confidence, sophistication and to be cool.
Swagger is to conduct your self in a way that would automaticaly earn respect
To dress in a very stylish and quirkily fasionable way would suggest one is swagger.
Wolf, Cry Wolf are more swagger than Mick Jagger!

by Swagger Bird November 06, 2007
I Don't Know, I'm White.
"does that person have swagger?"
"how should i know?"
by stanleyharrison October 09, 2011
A whale's vaginia.
Person 1: Dude Lil Wayne got mad swagger!

Person 2: What the fuck...
by thehumanchillpill May 01, 2009
A demeanor of confidence, coolness, and togetherness. Someone with Swagger gives of an ora of comfortability with his/her self. Swagger is commonly referred to as Swag or Swagga. Swagger is not to be confused with cockiness. Cockiness is someone thinking they are the shit, but if you have swagger you probably are the shit.
"Look at Galton, he walks with such swagger"
"I know, he just gives off such a cool vibe"

"I'm like a robot fueled off of swagger."
by yourbestfriend123 November 02, 2009
"Swag" has a very similar linguistic comparison to the words swing and sway, however the word is replaced with the letter G. It is derived from these words due to describing the body movement of those who have affirmed "swag". Those who have "swag" give off very confident body language, and who stand out among the crowd. True "swagger" is progressive action. It ultimately has nothing to do with aesthetics; however those with swagger do have that good looking "style" that everyone else only attempts.

Similar to "alpha"
Guy 1 - "Dude, this guy over here always does and says the right things at the right time. It's like: anyone can do it, but he is only one that is. I can't even compete with that. He's got real swagger"

Guy 2 - Word.
by Mr.Familiar September 08, 2011
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