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is where u walk into a room... and u look the best out of all the guys there.. and the ladys feel attracted too you..if that happens than u been swagger-bombed
EX.swagger bomb

matt-i walk into the party, and yeah all the girls were staring,

willam-oh really i kind of fiquire when i saw u come in...u drop the swagger-bomb on them girls
by serg wizz-o February 23, 2010
it's a drink named after the winnipeg blue bombers and SWAGGERVILLE. The drink is half a glass of blue bols and 7up, and you drop a shot of Goldschlager into it.
After the bombers won last night, we got so messy drunk. Must have been the swaggerbombs
by Dancing Gabe September 11, 2011
The equivalent of a Jägerbomb once you have had enough to forget what they are called.
What the fuck is this shit again? A Swaggerbomb?

So we've been having these drinks right, you throw a shot of this shit in this glass of red bull and you call it a fuckin swaggerbomb.
by nicelikerice July 14, 2010
a word girls have attendency to say when there wasted; a swagger bomb is a swagger bomb, swagger bomb, swagger bomb.
That dudes ugly, he's a swagger bomb!
by Awalt April 22, 2008