limp,bending, drooping, droopy, ductile, exhausted, feeble, flabby,flexible, flexuous, flimsy, floppy, formative, impressible,languishing, limber, loose, plastic, relaxed, soft, spent, tired, unsubstantial, weakened, wearied, worn out, yielding
i walk with a swager
by d-nig from sin city February 01, 2005
Top Definition
Someone who is original with ideas and styles. Someone who is confident. Someone who has the personality of someone with a big dick.
Your just a swager jacker, i'm a certified lamborghini instant cadillacer.

That nigga has swager.

Obama gots swager.

by obamahasswager March 08, 2009
Swager - pronounced with a long "a" - that is, rimes with "cage" not "cap". It is tool used to crimp or bend metal. The other definitions were poor definitions of Swagger - notice the second "g" causing the word to rime with "cap" not "cage".
Anglers use a swager to crimp sleeves onto fishing line to make a secure loop at the end of the line. If they do it well they are entitled to swager
by pedantic piscator November 05, 2009
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