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A mixture of the words swag and filipinos. Refers to the swag fags (who are usually filo), who think they have swag because they have an obey shirt. skinny jeans, vans, and a snap back.

They pride themselves in having 'swag' when they don't have it at all. They are up themselves and say stupid shit like 'SWAG: Something we asians got', 'Like my swag?', 'Illest, dope, swag bro'
Person 1: Look at those swagapinos, they think they're all that
Swagapino: You just jealous that i have the illest swag of them all
by SwagIsDead April 26, 2012
An adjective a Filipino should never be called
I don't like Talena because she said that I'm a Swagapino
by Imafilipinochrisspi September 03, 2012
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