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Acronym standing for "So very bad". Used roughly in the same situations where you would use fail, though perhaps more loosely.

When the failure surpasses a certain amount, you may reduplicate the letter V proportionally to the level of the failure. In that way, it would be synonyms with epic fail.
-Eh dude, the other day I got a mail saying "Click here for hot chicks", but when I clicked, all it had were guys crossdressing.

-Eh dude, a weird message showed up on my screen saying I had to go to My Computer, right-click on C: and hit "Format". Now my comp ain't working...
-*facepalm* Svvvvvvvvvvvvvvvb.
by unok October 25, 2011
a Sandy Vagina Biotch
The SVB ate my homework
by wutang killa October 11, 2007