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a Sandy Vagina Biotch
The SVB ate my homework
by wutang killa October 11, 2007
Acronym standing for "So very bad". Used roughly in the same situations where you would use fail, though perhaps more loosely.

When the failure surpasses a certain amount, you may reduplicate the letter V proportionally to the level of the failure. In that way, it would be synonyms with epic fail.
-Eh dude, the other day I got a mail saying "Click here for hot chicks", but when I clicked, all it had were guys crossdressing.

-Eh dude, a weird message showed up on my screen saying I had to go to My Computer, right-click on C: and hit "Format". Now my comp ain't working...
-*facepalm* Svvvvvvvvvvvvvvvb.
by unok October 25, 2011
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