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it's like luxurious, except it sucks because you do it by yourself and in the end you regret it
23:15 me: what movie did u watch
23:17 me: lost in translation
23:20 brother: man
23:20 brother: luxury
23:20 me: yeah?
23:20 me: like a ding in the dong
23:20 me: ?
23:20 brother: suxury?
23:21 brother: i invented a new word
23:21 brother: suxury
23:21 brother: its like
23:21 brother: its luxury
23:21 brother: but it sucks
23:21 brother: cuz u do it alone
23:21 brother: at the end
23:21 brother: u feel like shit
23:21 brother: and regret
23:24 me: hahaha omg
23:24 me: i shit my pants
23:24 me: your such a genius

"man, i watched this i feel suxurious because i failed my phd orals"
by farks May 28, 2006
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