When a male white/black/tan or brown is doing some gay shit but your not sure enought to call his ass a FAGGOT !
ronnie: hey tiff i was with the guys yesterday & we were talking about which rapper is the best looking in the game cause i need to start getting bitches soon or...

Tiffany: or what... ? nigga you suspect !
by DedaB March 10, 2011
A term used to describe a woman who may be promiscuous. A woman would be referred to as a suspect if she is very flirty, wears revealing clothing, gets drunk and bangs everyone in sight (and at the same time tries to conceal the fact that she is a whore).

I think the key to this definition is the fact that these women try to or conceal that they are promiscuous. That is what makes them suspect.

There are two other words involved with Suspect:

"Confirmation" The confirmation is the highest level of evidence that conclusively proves (99.9999999999%) this suspect is a whore.

"Plausible" Eye witness accounts, hearsay and circumstantial evidence are deemed to be Plausible evidence in proving whore status. The threshold to prove/deem a suspect plausible is Low. Generally all women will be plausible until she disproves otherwise (guilty until proven innocent –court of law French Style.)
Brian: "Benny, check out this Suspect bending over the bar...i'd say Plausible"

Benny: "Sorry Brian but she is no longer Plausible; i Confirmed her last night"
by A Ron May 02, 2006
When one acts or does things in a manner that would lead others into thinking him/her is doing something that they may not want others to know. This is mostly used for:
1) Men who may be suspicious of being gay or
2) People who may be accused as snitches for cops or rival factions/gangs,
3) People you cannot trust

Suspect people act nervous around certain people, get nervous or too defensive about certain topics, and/or have this uneasy vibe around them that makes others nervous. Also known as Rats or Snitches and to some even Metrosexual or gay
1) Man 1: Yo, did you see dat nigga Dre out at da club mackin' them hoes man? Git was pimpin out there
Girl 1: I don't know man, dat git was stiff as a board out there. And if you actually saw him, it looked like he ain't even wanna be there, like if was a charade or sum shit
Man 1: You callin my dog suspect?
Girl 1: Ay, it is what it is. Yo 'Dog'just wasn't lookin like he was enjoyin his lil' pimpin extravaganza

2) Guy 1: Ay, man have you seen Tre anywhere? Dude just got outa jail and i ain't see him hit the streets in weeks?!
Guy 2: Naw man, i ain't see him since dat party a couple weeks ago. Shit was live
Guy 3: (Chuckles) Hell yea it was, but I saw him the otha day. He was vibin with some of his homies on 23rd. Dude was real tense tho; stiff as a board, lookin all kinda ways n stuff
Guy 2: Yea, now dat you mentioned it, dat nigga wasn't tryin to get no pussy at that party. He was just standin by the wall drinkin a Cuervo, lookin all paranoid. Ay, you think he snitchin?
Guy 1: Naw man, my dog tre would never be one of dem police ass niggas.
Guy 3: Ay man, i was at dat party too and i did spot him over there lookin more nervous than a baser. I dont know him like dat, but yo dog is actin a lil suspect
Guy 2: Hell yea, he is.

3) Guy 1: Hey, where's travis?
Guy 2: Idk, last i saw him was at the store chillen with Mike
Guy 1: You mean, big tall Mike?
Guy 2: Yea, his real name is Miguel?
Guy 1: What?! He chillen with Mike?! He knows i hate dat git.
Guy 2: You ain't know? Him and mike been getting along quite well
Guy 1: Damn! Well, now dat you mention it, he has been acting a lil suspect around me, gettin quiet when i talk shit about mike
Guy 2: Oh yeah? well you might wanna break him off before some trouble get started
Guy 1: yeah
by J Wonda May 17, 2009
a person who makes other people think things about them... whether its true or not
1) If a guy buys Mariah Carey AND Destiny's Child's cds just to listen to the music (and only to listen to the music mind you), then he is suspect for being gay
2) If your friend has blood shot eyes, pupils are baked, and always scratching his neck, then he's a suspect for bein a crackhead
by Destinee aka DiZzY May 07, 2005
A term used to describe a girl who is promiscuous or a whore
Brian: "Benny, is that girl walking over in the mini-skirt a suspect?"

Benny: "Looks like it, but we'll need to confirm her"
by A.P. April 18, 2006
Another slang term for a group of black people. Notice how suspects in criminal cases are always black people?
Look at those suspects walking over there
by madig January 09, 2011
A term used to describe a woman who may be promiscuous. A woman would be referred to as a suspect if she is very flirty, wears revealing clothing, gets drunk and bangs anyone in sight. If you are the one to receive her services then you have "confirmed" her. See "confirmed"
Brian: "Benny, is that girl in the tight mini-skirt walking this way a Suspect"

Benny: "She could be, but we'll have to confirm her first"
by A.P. May 01, 2006
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