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An episode of Spongebob Squarepants in which Sandy eats a ton of nuts the store fat for hibernation season in her Tree Dome. Spongebob and Patrick end up going inside to see what she's up to and the door freezes shut in which they are trapped inside and forced to survive for all of winter. They do this by shaving patches of Sandys fur to use as warmth for the harsh climate. They eventually wake Sandy when they were arguing as to who is Dirty Dan and who is Pinhead Larry. Sandy and proceeds to practically killed both of them and give them their own grades.... morbid for a kids show huh? Anyway, as previously stated they make it through the spectral apparition that is the fact that it is snowing inside a dome with no clouds or westher... underwater. Sandy wakes up apparently losing all the weight games from eating all of the knots and then finds that all of her fur has been shaved off and then disturbingly where SpongeBob and Patrick as clothing..... our generation would be so fucked if they actually looked into these shows.
The Donner Party, survival of the idiots
by Hunterthrkingsassani February 17, 2014

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