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A surrofemme is a feminine gay male, with genuinely femme voice, emotions, and nurturing attributes that normally, ‘straight’ men and often married men are extremely attracted to over that of their moody and or butch real-woman wives. A surrofemme is stalked upon by lifelong ‘straight’ men in bars, craigslist, etc., and are extremely drawn to the ‘genuine feminine’ aspects, attributes, and loving intimate nature of this type of gay femme person. A surrofemme is often not transgender looking, but very feminine in speech and attitude, and feminine-starved straight & married men are highly drawn to such peoples. The term refers to a ‘surrogate femme’, and is a highly prized possession of the unhappy married straight male who is bereft of desired feminine personas in his life.
Bradley, married for 20 years, with 3 children, unhappy with his moody butch wife finally found true happiness with a gay male surrofemme. Surrofemmes are overloaded with straight married men’s emails who want to hang with them and be intimate, or even just talk with a genuine feminine personality, regardless that said person is a gay male. Surrofemme gay males are feminine personas to whom straights and married men are drawn, due to rapidly declining genuine femininity in the real world.
by kelly den adel November 05, 2010
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