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a bird that everybody knows about
Don't you know about the bird?
Well everybody's heard about the bird!
Bird bird bird, the bird is the word!
Bird bird bird, the bird is the word!

surfin' bird
by Boborian November 11, 2008
A song written by "The Trashmen" in the 1950's, which was recently featured on the family guy episode "I dream of Jesus".
Brian and Stewie on the couch, Surfin' Bird playing in the background:

Stewie: "Brian, I don't feel so good".

*Nose bleeds*
by Tazdingo October 19, 2008
Song by early Garage Rock/Rock n Roll band The Trashmen from their debut album of the same name. The Ramones did a terrific cover of it on their "Rocket to Russia" album.

A great song indeed. Sadly most kids today only know about it due to it's use on an episode of "Family Guy".
Kid A: What are you listening to?

Kid B: Surfin' Bird

Kid A: Sweet! Which version, The Trashmen or The Ramones?

Kid B: Ummm...Peter Griffin's?

Kid A: You mean The Trashmen's version.

Kid B: No I'm pretty sure this is Peter's

Kid A: *sigh* Never mind. *to self* That's why I'm fine with Futurama
by Gaaraofthedamned August 13, 2011
a sexual act were you do a girl doggy style and right be for you blow your load you pull out and blow it all over her face and while she's in shock from that just dump her.
yo last night i surfi'n bird my ex she started freaking out
by The Gr8 goldstien February 05, 2010
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