A word used by Professor Cornel West incorrectly instead of using the correct tense, sucommed, when referencing how poorly of a job President Barack Obama has done. This was first pointed out on the Rush Limbaugh show on Wednesday, January 5, 2011.
Two years later, we have missed the opportunity, unfortunately. We didn't get the kind of leadership that we should. The president didn't have enough backbone. He became too milquetoast. He would not fight big business, would not fight big banks. He actually surcame too easily to big business and big banks -- and, of course, the obstructionism on the right was helping push him to the center; and now, of course, he's being pushed even more to the center, which means we...are...in...deep trouble.
by jlc500k January 06, 2011
Top Definition
Embarassing failing to speak properly by using defined words of the English language, especially when being interviewed.
Cornel tried to speak intelligently but he surcame to his own ignorance.
by JAPrufrock January 06, 2011
A fake made up word, by an Ivory Tower Elite, one whom has no connection to the english language spoken by by the American people
I surcame to doubt of the elitest class when I heard the word surcame
by T. Ruth January 06, 2011
Past tense of succumbed, a brand new word coined by distinguished Princeton professor Cornell West, as heard on the Rush Limbaugh Show.
President Obama missed an opportunity when he surcame to big bidness.
by Bobby Seals January 06, 2011
Imaginary past-tense verb created by race hustler Cornel West to describe a brutha's failure to be sufficiently down with the struggle. Most likely, he meant to say "succumbed."
Although we hoped for change, President Obama surcame to those racist, sexist, bigoted homophobes who actually read the Constitution.
by OhioCoastie January 08, 2011
Past tense of succumb. Most often used in a political context. Generally reserved for the more enlightened and educated urbanite.
I thought I would cast aside the acceptance letter from Princeton, but I surcame to its call. Soon enough, I found myself triangulatin' to campus.
by CFrederickS January 05, 2011
To give in to pressure, or negatively go along with something undesirable.
President Obama "surcame" to the pressure of the republican agenda.
by In bob we trust January 05, 2011
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