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A delusional creature.

Usually in denial, often found holding mental misconceptions or warped like visions of its own socially-suppressed potential to success. This is often coupled with a life long delusional philosophy of self intellectual superiority.These traits, often observed in most species, seem to be the result of a deep hatred for society and most things enjoyable in life, with the exemptions of betting, computer or console video-games, centreline, Shane Warne and other Australian Icons.
Behavioural traits and tendancy of the suppressed genius would be to walk through a busy shopping centre wearing parachute pants, very unclean Adidas shoes that were once white but are now a shade of grey and very old and unwashed blue "hoddie"-like jumper and declaring to its friends something similar to
"I fuckin hate this place, full of fuckin derros and shit!"
by Mike1254 November 03, 2011