Condensed for "What is up?". Commenly known in the Bay Area as "What's upper?". Shortened by The Embassador of the Bay E-40 Fonzarelli
I see my folks driving in the traffic, n say Supper???
by 510G October 05, 2005
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An old-fashioned term for a meal eaten late in the day, usually reffered to nowadays as dinner.
Come inside, boys. Supper is almost ready.
by Taylor Esformes March 29, 2004
Dinner; evening meal, used mostly by northern europe (England, Ireland, etc.)
For supper we had some roast potatoes and mutton, it was good!
by DaDemon March 29, 2004
(n)- The Southern equivalent of the Northern "dinner." Used throughout most of The South and in some cases, Northern States.
Waiting for mom to get home so she can fix some supper.

It ain't "dinner," it's supper.
by AC November 06, 2005
the way that hicks refer to dinner

my roommate: "i am going down to eat supper"
me: "supper? i thought it was dinner time"
by smokeweed December 12, 2005
Evening meal where everyone present gets to find out wassup with everyone else.
The family found out Jessie was pregnant at supper yesterday.
by TheNoost December 04, 2011
The time the whole family takes their place at the table to eat a meal. Usually takes place around 5:30-7:00 p.m.
Mom just got home from work and it's not time to go eat supper.
by Lil Jon & The Etown Boys March 29, 2004
the term sup with a -pers at the end to make it more festive and unique.
Jack saw Jill and said, "suppers?"
Jill responded with a, "nothin much, how bout you?"
by palternative June 24, 2007

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