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to ejaculate on a hoe. making her drip in cum as if soaked with a super soaker.
yo man im gonna supersoak that hoe tonight
by hindumagic75 August 29, 2007
When you let off a "load" in the girls face

(i.e. I super soaked that hoe and her friend last night)
Im gonna super soak that hoe tonight
by billybobta January 11, 2008
To ejaculate continually on a female prostitute (or a woman in general) in a manner similar to that of a high-powered water projectile, causing her to drip with semen.
"Oh, my dear, I seem to have covered you in my semen in a way that very closely resembles the effects of being shot with a water gun!"

"Do you mean to say that you have supersoaked me?"

"I must say, I did supersoak that hoe well, didn't I?"
by smarmybrit January 04, 2008
When a guy comes ALL OVER a girl.
I'm about to Super Soak that hoe tonight boy!!
by ☆MaJiK☆ May 07, 2008
having sex with a female without using a condom
im bout to super soak that hoe tonight hope she dont get pregnant
by i love it here September 25, 2007
To get a girl to dance with you.
"Go super soak that hoe" "I would but I don't know how to dance homie"
by SixSixFour October 12, 2007
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