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1. A song by Black Sabbath, appearing on the album "Vol. 4"

2. A type of trip experienced during psychedelic drug use. User on a supernaut trip will typically feel lighter than air and be able to travel around the globe at high speeds. Not uncommon is the altering of colors within the trip. Supernautical trips are easier to come by while listening to psychedelic music, but is also possible during a hard rock or heavy metal session.
1. What song is this? It sounds super cool.
It's Supernaut by Black Sabbath.

2. I put on an acid rock CD and did some salvia, and I had a Supernaut trip.
by Bozenda June 27, 2005
Super from the Latin word "Superus" m. greatest, highest, most distinguished.
Naut from the Latin word "Nauta" m. sailor , mariner.

A great song by Black Sabbath. or. A great and hardcore online gamer(Star Wars Galaxies and World of Warcraft).
That song SuperNaut by Black Sabbath is awesome.

That guy SuperNaut is kick ass.
A song on Black Sabbath's Volume 4 album.
Supernaut is my favovite Black Sabbath song.
by Lorkem July 07, 2005
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