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A typical party game, when a group of people just lie on the floor and on each other, trying to get as comfortable as they can. Consisting of members of both sexes.

Basically an orgy,but with clothes on.

Twister, but without the bullshit.
Dude 1- "wanna go to a party? we will have a supermassiveblackhole!!!"
Dude 2- "sweet, i just hope it wont be a sausage fest "
by s@tellite November 01, 2011
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A word used when he/she see's another person with their pants/skirt stuck in between both their left ass and right ass.
Ian " DAMN! LOOK! That fat girl at 12 o'clock has a super massive blackhole, i wonder how long that ass has been suckin' it"

Sara " GROSS!!"
by ocow June 28, 2009

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