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A derogatory term, used to call superheroes gay.
Superman is such a superhomo!
by Evan C. October 28, 2007
superhomo (noun)
1. A type of motorcycle designed to operate both on tarmac and on dirt, but does neither particularly well.
2. A person who rides a supermoto (supermotard) motorcycle.
3. A form of address used for supermotard riders.
1. I heard Daz bought a superhomo. I didn't know he liked cock. Perhaps I should not have given him a lesbian porn video for his 18th birthday.
2. Where did that superhomo go? I spotted him 10 bucks so he could get into that gay nightclub last night, and I need it back so I can purchase a kebab.
3 Have you met Superhomo? He is a total superhomo. He thinks his superhomo is the best bike ever.
by Hoagie Footlong October 10, 2013
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