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The most un-Democratic thing ever. Moreso than the Electoral College, and Hillary will use it to ruin the Democratic party if the 2008 primaries continue to be this close.
A conservative estimate of the voting power of a superdelegate amounts to one superdelegate vote equaling 153,636 regular votes based on 2004 federal voter turnout. Percentage wise, this means that 0.000007% of the voting population has 19.6% voting power in the 2008 Democratic Primary.
by tpnmvz February 06, 2008
The politician's way of saying, "We understand, you get a vote. Its just that your vote doesn't REALLY count. I mean, do you think those 'participation trophies' really meant something?".
We understand you have a lot of REGULAR delegates. But we have superdelegates, so you lose.
by Skyybot June 07, 2016
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