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2 definitions by tpnmvz

The most un-Democratic thing ever. Moreso than the Electoral College, and Hillary will use it to ruin the Democratic party if the 2008 primaries continue to be this close.
A conservative estimate of the voting power of a superdelegate amounts to one superdelegate vote equaling 153,636 regular votes based on 2004 federal voter turnout. Percentage wise, this means that 0.000007% of the voting population has 19.6% voting power in the 2008 Democratic Primary.
by tpnmvz February 06, 2008
Democrats are people who shit on other Democrats while allowing those dirty Republicans to pull the most retarded shit ever and get away with it.
There is a reason why the Democratic Congress has a lower approval rating than the most unlikable president in the entire history of the USA.
by tpnmvz February 06, 2008