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A group of men that extraordinary things...and women...based out of the best place on earth; south lake tahoe.
Maddie:"I just had an amazing night with the supercrew."
Janet:"Oh...I wish I could get with the supercrew....but I have a curfew"

Nes:"Can I join the supercrew?"
Supercrew:"absolutely not..the woman you do is not extraordinary."
by supercrew June 25, 2010
Really gay pricks in Erdington who are just a complete copy of chavs. 14 Yr old who are 4 foot, who chuk stones a cars and play "knock door run" and think they could take on a group of boxers.
Big Jim: Lets go get high init?
Little Tom: Okay, and why we are at it, lets find some desperate bitches, say we are hard, and shag em, and leave dem wid da baybey. Init init init foshizzle, i'm a hard gangsta rappa in da supercrew.
by Baza118 April 19, 2006

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