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1. (n) Something that is really, overtly cool.
2. (v) The process of two people whispering a saying from The Clerks into a person's ears.
1. Woah, that is supercool man!
2. Supercool! We makes it most illegalist.
by booshmaster April 25, 2003
4 8
The word 'supercool'is in popular use in the French tapes for the Key Stage 3 books Route National. Often is refers to something as being beyond the realms of ordinary coolness.
Le film était supercool!
by Paul PapaG Papageorgiou January 03, 2005
4 10
See above, except now with correct example.
"Super Cool! We make this mostest legalest!"
by Kami_Bum May 07, 2003
0 7
Exceedingly bodacious, nifty, or flat-out kick-ass

Revived by Xavia/Frog several years ago.
1. Your maternal unit last night was, like, so totally supercool.
by DrunkElite January 30, 2004
2 11
1. able to pwnz0r
2. able to deliver smackdown on any deb8er boi
1. Spiking out of any disad that can be run against the harms scenarios is so not supercool.
2. Our T on their squirrel in the 1NC was, like, soooo supercool.
by Collapsible Gumdrops January 29, 2004
1 10
nick is soo cupa coo' you foo'
by nick May 19, 2004
5 25