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A nerd with excellent troubleshooting capabilities (sometimes suspected of having supernatural powers). Usually, he has also has puzzling jargon and a strange sense of humor.
"Hiro Nakamura is a super nerd!"
by KaiserSoze1 November 19, 2007
a nerd ranking, a nerd with far more superior powers than an average nerd and respected by other nerds. meaning a nerd that has a extremely high level of intellect and rejected socially

or a geek that became a nerd but is more annoying and talks about computers all the time.
nerds hang around each other for protection and to fit in while super nerds are much more rare and are alone most of the time until that is a bully comes
by xd4rksidex May 10, 2007
Someone who is highly intelligent and funny who gets on very well sociably (unlike the steriotypical nerd) and is normally excellent at sports and everything they attempt.
Basically a SuperHuman.
Simon: I cant believe James is captain of the Football team as well.
Adam: Yeah i know, he's great at everything...
Pete: He must be one of them Super Nerds.
by I P Frealy June 03, 2007
A group of no more than 4 people who are dedicated to entertainment through art. It is not a term for those who wish to gain popularity from art. See Satterlee
We are SuperNerd productions, not the Supernerds
by Tim Fortune January 21, 2007
a person who has two times the qualities of the average geek.
Man, don't make friends with that supernerd. He always talks about computers non-stop.
by Light Joker October 16, 2004
A supernerd is your stereotypical nerd times ten. He has a bowlcut, gigantic glasses with tape around the nose (from being hit in the face during PE ine too many times), a boyish build, pants that go up to his armpits but fail to cover his ankles, dorky printed button up shirts that are ALWAYS tucked in, tube socks, and loafers. A supernerd is generally scrawny and highly obnoxious. He tends to be an only child with an overly affectionate mother. He enjoys activities such as band, choir, botany, computers, Dungeons and Dragons, and anything else remotely uncool. He tries to fit in, but is always shunned by the 'cool kids'. His longtime crush is naturally the 'Big Man on Campus's girlfriend
Did you see that Supernerd today? I can't believe he was wearing that.
by deanalouisesnapper May 24, 2010
An individual whose nerdy qualities supersede that of an average nerd.
She is obviously a supernerd because she is highlighting that entire page.
by DDgator December 07, 2009
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