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In remote areas of lakeland florida, locals decided that tight was just not good enough, so super tight was born. Meaning: super cool, super hip

Warning: these are the same people who say cooter is a turtle instead of pussy
Man did you see those new rims on the civic, man thems super tight.
by gaden September 18, 2006
Extremely tight jeans that take atleast 10 minutes to get on and off not good if you want to get laid
take your super tights off so we can have sexual intercourse.
by nick t mofos December 03, 2007
A nasty mofo that you should call the FBI on after he smokes blunts with Aunt Jemima in the bathtub with a Kangol on.
Supertight never forgets to bring a towel.
by Super Tight October 07, 2003
1. something that is outstanding or superlative.
2. somebody who smokes mad amounts of hydro

antonym: superstupid
synonym: deadtight, superdeadtight
man, dat honey blunt be supertight
by Hennifer Lopez October 08, 2003
a person who smokes a great deal of marijuana
supertight smokes a great deal of marijuana; particularly honey blunts
by potbelly October 07, 2003
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