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it is when a male jacks himself off and holding his penis like a super soaker ejaculates all over a ho, preferably some slutty girl who he has never met before.
Did you see Seabass just super soak that ho?
by Brigde Elgap September 22, 2007
Pumping your cock like a supersoaker 2000 in the face of your girl after not having had sex for a long time and blasting that ho
Dave found a girl in the club to take home after his 3 week jail sentence. Yeah, he's gonna supersoak that ho!!
by J. Bone November 27, 2007
Flopping your dick out on a bitch and subsequentally layering the cunt with gallons of your man juice, urine, and/or blood.
Last night after i got my dick wet this cunt started to sass me. I dropped that slut to the floor and bitch slapped her with my 40. She was on the ground bleedin and causin a scene so i pulled my cock out to super soak that ho
by My nigga bovice October 06, 2007